Prosecutor from Moscow appointed as a fighter against cartels in FAS

As Kommersant found out, Grigory Radionov, who previously held the post of prosecutor of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, has been appointed the new head of the anti-cartel department in the Federal Antimonopoly Service. Since 2013, the issues of cartels in the department were supervised by Andrey Tenishev – the FAS announced his resignation yesterday.

As the FAS explained to Kommersant, the anti-cartel department faces the task of revising its approaches, directing additional efforts to identify cartels in important socially significant sectors of the economy, and saving budget funds. “The work on combating cartels during tenders, the implementation of national projects will be intensified, digital methods of combating cartels will be more actively developed,” the service adds.

Note that in recent years, the FAS has been criticized for its anti-cartel policy – we are talking about plans to expand power powers, which, in particular, became the reason for the resignation of the former head of the service, Igor Artemyev. Maxim Shaskolsky, who headed the department in November 2020, preferred to abandon the “cane system” in favor of the application of antimonopoly compliance. At the same time, the service noted that the preservation of the old FAS team will depend on the ability of officials to rethink approaches to work (see Kommersant of February 19).

Diana Galieva

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