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The choice of the employee whom the organization will hire is very important in many companies. Hence the numerous test tasks, several stages of interviews, a variety of psychological techniques and the most stringent selection. But that’s why in some places at the interview you have to draw – the question. Explain such a “non-adult” activity at a seemingly serious event FAN asked an independent HR specialist, career consultant, clinical psychologist Zulia Loikova.

Applicants are perplexed when, instead of discussing work experience, they have to draw a tree, a house or themselves, or even abstract geometric shapes. According to the consultant, these are projective techniques designed to collect more information about a potential colleague.

“Yes, there are psychological tests. As a clinical psychologist, I can say here that there are tests that a number of companies use for their intended purpose, some are tested just to look at the candidate’s self-esteem and assess, perhaps, his “fit” into the team – that is, whether he can find a use there, how he lives and so on, ”explained the expert.

However, the results of such tests may be completely invalid, Loikova warned.

“I am judging here as a psychologist, and only then how H.R. It is very important to simply competently and skillfully use all such techniques. I saw a lot of inaccurate test results – those developments that are taken from somewhere, begin to thoughtlessly apply it. The conclusions are completely untrue. I myself made a selection, directly checked how valid it is and how it is possible to hang such clichés on people. Yes, these psychotechnical methods (depict yourself, a tree, how you look, where you are, and so on) provide information for analysis. But the person who must interpret the data obtained must himself have the necessary competencies, ”the FAN interlocutor believes.

At a minimum, to understand psychology, first of all, to know the composition of the team. Because, the expert explains, if this is done in isolation, people do not have a psychological base, you can interpret anything you like, and it will be completely untied from reality. And most importantly, such projective techniques are just an additional tool when the basic information about a person has already been collected.

“Imagine, you come for an interview, and instead of finding out your professional skills, experience, they put you to draw. Well, it’s probably weird, to say the least. Because a person can be an excellent artist or he simply “gets to the point”, but does not have professional knowledge and skills. So this is such an additional assessment system, but I would not consider it as the main tool, ”concluded Zuliya Loikova.

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