prices for building materials in Russia are falling

The cost of building materials in Russia is declining, Irek Fayzullin, head of the Ministry of Construction, said in an interview with Russia-24 TV channel.

Building materials are getting cheaper, said Irek Fayzullin, head of the Ministry of Construction, in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

Fittings cost at the beginning of the year 57 thousand rubles. per ton, today – 44 thousand rubles. without VAT. Prices for special steels, which are used in the construction of large-span structures and bridge structures, have not changed.

The cost of wood materials is also reduced. However, “this decline does not yet correspond to what it was in the first half of 2020,” Fayzullin said.

Prices for building materials began to rise sharply at the end of 2020. Metal prices rose the most, which caused prices for other materials to rise. To solve this problem, the government offered developers to buy metal products directly from manufacturers, and not through traders.

In addition, in August 2021, the government allowed an increase in the cost of state contracts for the construction and repair of facilities by up to 30% to compensate for the rise in the cost of building materials.
According to Rosstat, building materials have risen in price by 23.8% in 2021.


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