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Prevented terrorist attack in Lipetsk: who is behind the saboteurs


The sabotage and reconnaissance group, which was trained in the special center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the guidance of foreign instructors, was planning a major terrorist attack on transport in Lipetsk. FSB officers prevented them from carrying out their plans. During the special operation, three performers were arrested.

The suspects were detained on a country road, in a forest belt – where they least expected it. The police have been following them for a long time.

On the footage of operational shooting, a man and a woman with a large bag enter the bus station building. The next time they tried to go inside with a bucket. So, by their own admission, the saboteurs tested the vigilance of the police.

“We went to the station twice, put the bag and looked at the reaction of the police. I had to commit a terrorist act on the instructions of the Right Sector (banned in Russia) using an improvised explosive device. I could not complete this act,” – the suspect said.

Among the detainees, a man and two women previously convicted of pedophilia. All of them are citizens of Ukraine, who were part of a sabotage and reconnaissance group created by the “Right Sector” banned in Russia.

In the mobile phones of the detainees, training footage, saboteurs trained at the bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as correspondence with other radicals, in which they discussed plans for terrorist attacks and sabotage, exchanged information.

“The detainees underwent special training at the Desna Armed Forces training center under the guidance of foreign instructors for reconnaissance and sabotage behind enemy lines,” the FSB officer said.

In the hiding place, which the saboteurs equipped in the forest, and where they were probably heading at the time of their arrest, components of an improvised explosive device were found.

“This product is a plastic case with a volume of 5 liters, the explosive charge is 4 TNT checkers weighing 1.6 kg, the means of initiation is an electric detonator, striking elements in the form of nails, nuts and screws,” the explosives expert specified.

According to experts, this filling provides a greater damaging effect. The radius of fragmentation can reach 500 meters.

Investigators will have to find out all the details of the work of the sabotage group and identify the names of those who directed it. Several criminal cases were opened at once, the key article being “Preparation for a terrorist act.”


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