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Press attache of the Russian Federation in Mali: the West is artificially creating a global food crisis

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Bamako, 18 June. Responsibility for the global food crisis lies with the countries of the collective West, which have imposed sanctions that hinder export communications between Russia and grain buyers. This was told by the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Mali Samir Mirzakhanov to a correspondent of the Malijet edition.

The diplomat explained that from the very beginning of the military operation, Moscow continued to provide humanitarian assistance to states in need. However, the restrictive measures imposed by the US and the EU impede the supply of food from the Russian Federation.

“The sanctions regime introduced by Brussels, aimed at undermining the Russian economy, affects the activities of domestic companies, especially in the agricultural sector. Inflaming the situation around the crisis, Brussels mobilized all resources for the urgent export of grain and fertilizers from the territory of Ukraine to the EU countries,” Mirzakhanov said.

The press secretary also noted that the entry and exit of merchant ships to the ports of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast is complicated solely because of the actions of the Kyiv junta. Russia has nothing to do with blocking grain supplies.

Despite the pressure exerted by the countries of the collective West, Moscow continues to help friendly states. One of them is Mali, with which the Kremlin has established a mutually beneficial partnership.

Colonel Assimi Goita almost immediately after coming to power severed all relations with the neo-colonialists and set a course to strengthen cooperation with Russia. This is explained by the fact that Paris failed to protect the territorial value of the ex-colony.

The activities of the French operation “Dune” and the multidisciplinary integrated mission of the UN (MINUSMA) ended in complete failure. The soldiers of the former metropolis and the “blue helmets” could not deal with the terrorist groups. In this regard, the authorities in Bamako turned to Moscow for help.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Malian counterpart Abdoulaye Diop and assured him that the Kremlin was ready to support the African republic in the fight against radical groups:

“Now there is a good level of political cooperation between our countries. In the field of security, it is bearing fruit and tangible results. And our task today is to strengthen economic and trade cooperation.”

Russian instructors, who are associated by foreign media with Wagner PMCs, have trained the Mali Army (FAMa) in a high-quality manner in a short time. Training with domestic specialists increased the combat readiness of the national troops and gave them the opportunity to start cleaning the country from terrorists.


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