Polkadot team will deploy 1000 parachains


The main developer of the Polkadot ecosystem, Parity Technologies, will expand the limit of parachains in the ecosystem from 100 to 1000 after updating the “asynchronous collateral”. The Block reports this.

Speaking at the sub0 conference in Lisbon, Parity head of development Sophia Gold noted that the upcoming update improves the Polkadot consensus protocol. The update is designed to reduce the block creation time in parachains from 12 to 6 seconds, as well as increase its capacity by 5-10 times.

“Asynchronous support provides flexible planning for our future scaling efforts. We have a solid roadmap to get Polkadot to support 1000 parachains and over 1 million transactions per second. The design is ready – we know how to scale the network in the near future,” Gold emphasized.

The release of “asynchronous support” on the Rococo test network is planned in about two weeks.

The developer added that Polkadot will triple the number of validators to 1,000 by the end of 2024, calling the initiative “the most significant evolution of parachain consensus” since their launch two years ago.

In October 2021, the Polkadot team announced auctions for parachain slots. The first round ended in mid-December – the winners were Clover Finance, Parallel Finance, Astar, Moonbeam and Acala.

In February 2022, the ninth auction came to an end, where the HydraDX project won. Users blocked over 2.46 million DOTs worth $50.65 million in support of it.

Let us recall that in June Polkadot connected to the Cosmos blockchain space through the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol.

In September, Circle released the USDC stablecoin based on the Asset Hub parachain.

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