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Political scientist Matveychev: in a few weeks, the Nazis will crawl out of the basements of the Azot plant with white flags

globallookpress.com/Ukraine Presidency/Ukraine Presi
globallookpress.com/Ukraine Presidency/Ukraine Presi

Kyiv will not be able to repeat the Azovstal scenario, and the Nazis in the basements of the Azot plant will not last even a few weeks. This opinion was voiced by independent political analyst Oleg Matveychev in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency.

“Ukraine once again disrupts all negotiation processes and does not intend to cease fire for the sake of humanitarian corridors. The explanation is simple: “Azovstal” was not enough for Kyiv, he decided to repeat history. There’s not even much to say here, a banal waste of time in anticipation of a miracle. Only magic will not happen, and all the Nazi rats will crawl out of the cellars under a white flag.

It is important to note that now the situation is still very different from Mariupol. The Azot plant is much smaller, there are no kilometer-long dungeons and reserves that would allow the Bandera people to “hold stoically.” At the end, we are waiting for another “overcome” with “evacuation”, as Zelensky likes to call it. I don’t think anything unusual will happen. They will shake up the information field, they will come out, hand over their weapons and that’s all, ”the expert noted.

According to Matveychev, the Kiev leadership is still counting on foreign military assistance. However, most of it is sent to the black market or destroyed by whole columns:

“Kyiv believes that the West is still interested in its problems. Because of this, Zelensky is playing for time, because he is waiting for the supply of weapons. But they won’t. They won’t bring anything.

Everything is already blocked, and if it slips through, it will go to other directions, and not to the basements of Azot. Mentally, Ukraine has already buried them. However, one should expect some kind of provocation. The fascists are not capable of more.”

Earlier, independent political analyst Ivan Arkatov said that an increase in arms supplies to Ukraine could be a serious blow to Western politicians, including because of the risk of unrest among European citizens.


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