Political scientist Koshkin: Russia’s policy provided it with the support of the Arab states

Global Look Press |  Algerian Presidency/XinHua
Global Look Press | Algerian Presidency/XinHua

The United States cannot win over the Arabs on the Ukrainian issue.

The League of Arab States (LAS) appreciated the actions of Russia in the international arena and refused to support the collective West in the conflict in Ukraine. This was told to the correspondent of the international edition of the FAN by the head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanova Andrey Koshkin.

As a result of the November summit of the Arab League, the leaders of the member countries of the organization unanimously declared their commitment to the principle of neutrality with regard to the situation in Ukraine. This position was met with approval by the Russian Foreign Ministry represented by Deputy Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Andrey Koshkin considers such a similar decision of the Arab countries as a consequence of the wise policy of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, since now one can observe the actual tacit support of the Russian Federation from the Middle East and Africa. The expert combined these regions with the term “global south”.

“Recently, we advocated for grain to go to the Global South. It turned out that 95% of the grain exported from Ukraine in 120 days went to Europe, and the Arabs and Africans know this very well, and understand that Russia fought for them. Moreover, we offered to send 300,000 tons of our fertilizers, blocked in the ports of the European Union, to the “global south” free of charge, and this was also noticed. Moreover, we have already sent 10.5 tons of wheat and are going to do more,” the FAN interlocutor recalls.

In this regard, it becomes obvious why the Arab League today supports Russia, and not the collective West, which is fueling the conflict in Ukraine. The expert is also skeptical about the possibility of the United States to persuade the Middle East to a confrontation with the Russian Federation.

“The Americans tried to negotiate with the Arabs, and as a result, they did not pick up the phone in Saudi Arabia when they tried to get through to them Joe Biden. Now OPEC has refused the US to raise oil production, which would lower its cost in the global market. This plays into the hands of the Russian Federation. It turns out that the Arabs support Russia, in fact, supporting themselves. Thus, apart from the collective West, this conflict is of little interest to anyone else, the Arab League looks at it very tolerantly, ”concluded Koshkin.

Back in June 2022, the Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abu al-Gheith announced an attempt by the West to put pressure on the Arab countries so that they oppose Russia. According to him, the purpose of this policy is to encircle the Russian Federation.


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