Political scientist Jaralla: IAEA proposals on ZNPP are difficult to implement because of Ukraine’s position

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

An international organization proposes to create a security zone around a nuclear facility.

The current decrease in the intensity of shelling of the Zaporizhzhya NPP is due to the diversion of Ukraine for other purposes, and the initiatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are unlikely to be implemented. A publicist and political scientist expressed the corresponding thought in an interview with the correspondent of the international editorial office of the FAN Vladimir Jaralla.

Head of the IAEA Rafael Grossi announced negotiations with Russia and Ukraine regarding the creation of a security zone around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. It is noteworthy that he made such a statement against the backdrop of some lull in the shelling of the object by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Nevertheless, it is hardly worth counting on the fact that this was the result of Western pressure on Kyiv.

“I think the military situation has changed somewhat, and the Ukrainian side has focused a little on other goals. That is, the abandonment of Kherson by our troops and the impressive demonstration that followed this of what will happen to the remnants of the Ukrainian energy system if it does not hear the voice of reason – all this taken together has a rather sobering effect on the Ukrainian leadership. Not in the sense that they are ready to make concessions – they, at least, are beginning to realize their prospects, ”the expert believes.

The FAN interlocutor notes that today the West understands the extreme danger of current trends: it is trying to avoid direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, but it is getting closer and closer to this and is trying to stop this process.

“If Russia accepts the IAEA proposal, then in this case a similar security zone can be created around all Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and in this case they can be withdrawn from combat operations. For the Ukrainian authorities, this will be a serious blow to sovereignty, but it seems that right now its opinion is the least interested in it. Grossi’s proposals are interesting, but it cannot be said that they have a high chance of being implemented, primarily because of the Ukrainian side, which hopes to achieve its goal through military means, and not through negotiations,” Jaralla added.

The last time the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the fact of shelling of the ZNPP territory by Ukraine was on November 7. It was noted that the enemy struck with seven shells.


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