Polish gas operator GAZ-System said it continues construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline on schedule. Yesterday, June 3, Denmark withdrew the environmental permit for the project.

Baltic Pipe is a Polish gas pipeline, which is planned to be completed in autumn 2022 and filled with gas from Norway. In 2020, Warsaw proposed replacing Nord Stream 2 with Baltic Pipe.

According to the GAZ-System, the decision taken by the Danish Environmental and Food Complaints Council does not affect the construction of the pipeline. “Construction work on the Baltic Pipe project, for which the company is responsible both onshore and in the Baltic Sea, is proceeding as planned and on schedule,” the operator said in a press release.

GAZ-System added that now the consequences of the Council’s decision are being analyzed by the operator of the Danish national electricity and natural gas transmission system Energinet. He will, in particular, assess the impact of construction work carried out on land in the habitats of protected animal species.

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