Poland paradoxically provided Russia with an alibi in the story with Nord Stream

Nord Stream AG/ via globallookpress.com
Nord Stream AG/ via globallookpress.com

The Russian Federation, despite accusations from certain representatives of the West, cannot be involved in the sabotage at Nord Stream, since it has the opportunity to use a different scenario to put pressure on the EU.

This conclusion was reached by the leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund, lecturer at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Stanislav Mitrakhovich. Live on the 60 Minutes program, he spoke in detail about the factors indicating Moscow’s disinterest in the implementation of this provocation, and also explained how Poland paradoxically provided Russia with an alibi in the Nord Stream story, according to the Economics Today FBA.

First of all, Stanislav Mitrakhovich noted that the accusations of certain Western representatives against Russia because of the sabotage at the Nord Streams have no basis. Moscow is the injured party because it was deprived of the opportunity to supply natural gas to Europe.

According to the expert, several Western media suggested that Russia allegedly could have carried out this sabotage in order to exert energy pressure on Europe. However, such guesses are bewildering, since Moscow could cut off gas supplies to Europe without destroying the Nord Streams. In addition, these gas pipelines were somehow not used for their intended purpose against the backdrop of recent events in the international arena.

Mitrahovich also drew attention to the fact that Poland, paradoxically, provided Russia with an alibi in the story with Nord Stream. The thing is that Warsaw recently launched the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which is actually a competitor to Nord Stream. From the point of view of logic, it was he who could have been chosen as the target for sabotage, but this did not happen, which removes any charges from Russia.

“Imagine that we decided to undermine something through which gas can go to Europe. Nord Stream 1 has not operated since the end of August, and Nord Stream 2 has not been launched at all. Let’s intellectually side with the devil. It was then necessary to undermine the Baltic Pipe, which goes to Poland. But we didn’t do it – we are normal people, ”Mitrakhovich explained, noting that this factor creates an alibi for Russia.

It can be assumed that the world community will sooner or later find out who exactly is responsible for the sabotage with the Nord Streams. However, it can already be pointed out that certain Western countries have received significant benefits from explosions on gas pipelines running from Russia to Europe.


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