PJSC Yakovlev Completes Corporate Procedures for Renaming from Irkut Corporation

In a significant corporate evolution, PJSC Yakovlev, a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) under the state corporation Rostec, has successfully concluded the requisite procedures for a name change from Irkut Corporation. The announcement was officially endorsed by UAC through a press release.


The decision to adopt the new brand name “Yakovlev” was unveiled by Irkut Corporation in July, a strategic move that mirrors the company’s expanding global footprint and enhanced competencies in the realm of civil aviation. This strategic shift is a testament to the trajectory the company has charted over recent years. It is important to note that the Yakovlev Design Bureau has been an integral part of Irkut Corporation since 2004.

Elaborating on the completion of the corporate rebranding, UAC conveyed, “Corporate procedures for the renaming of Irkut Corporation have been successfully concluded, and the company now operates officially under the name PJSC Yakovlev. An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders gave unanimous approval to the updated company charter, reflecting the new name – PJSC Yakovlev. Concurrently, this revision has been duly registered in the Unified State register of legal entities.”

Anticipating the imminent integration of the name “Yakovlev” across all official facets of the company, UAC detailed that this change will encompass the company’s digital presence, corporate mailing addresses, official document formats, and promotional materials.

PJSC Yakovlev is at the forefront of a comprehensive spectrum of activities, encompassing design, testing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and post-sales support for civil aviation equipment. The company’s portfolio is anchored by prominent projects, with a notable focus on next-generation domestic civil airliners. Two of the flagship endeavors include the regional aircraft SJ-100 and the medium-haul MS-21. The endeavors of PJSC Yakovlev are backed by a dedicated workforce exceeding 20,000 employees.

In a landscape characterized by transformation and progress, the renaming of PJSC Yakovlev serves as a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and its pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of civil aviation in the modern era.

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