“Physical education hello.” Kucherov’s magic, Tyson’s apology and sports at SPIEF

The traditional selection of highlights from the world of sports is in the new issue of Fizkult-hello. We will talk about personnel changes in Dynamo, CSKA and the MMA Union of Russia, about the anniversary assist Nikita Kucherov and family happiness of Russian figure skaters.

Two-time Olympic silver medalist Evgenia Tarasova unexpectedly married. The girl until the last hid from the fans the upcoming changes in her personal life. Who became the chosen one of the famous Russian figure skater?

Four-time world champion in mixed martial arts Fedor Emelianenko returned to the post of president of the MMA Union of Russia. The “Last Emperor” removed the former head of the organization from the throne Radmira Gabdullina. What statements did Emelianenko make immediately after his election?

boxing star Mike Tyson commented on his fight on the plane for the first time. In April, during a flight, he beat a passenger who molested him. What does the former heavyweight champion think about his action a few months later?

Russian and Belarusian tennis players will be allowed to participate in the US Open in New York. This decision was unexpectedly taken by the Board of Directors of the American Tennis Association. What to expect from these competitions and in what status will our athletes perform?

About this and much more – in the new issue of the program “Fizkult-hello!”


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