Philips recalls 4 million ventilators for cancer risk

Today, June 14, the Dutch company Philips announced the recall of a number of its breathing apparatus, ventilators and sleep apnea (temporary stopping of breathing) devices. This is due to the “identified potential health risks” in their use. According to the manufacturer, the foam used to make the devices quieter can decompose and enter the respiratory tract, according to some reports becoming toxic and possibly leading to cancer. According to the CEO of Philips Frans van Houten, in total, the recall affects 3-4 million such devices.

The company is recalling such devices in the United States and at the same time calls for the suspension of their use around the world. In the case of a variety of home breathing apparatus – accounting for 80% of all recalled devices – Philips is urging users to temporarily suspend use. With regard to ventilators used to support vital functions, including in patients with COVID-19, the company recommends that physicians assess whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks in each case. The company allocated € 500 million for the costs associated with the situation.

Yana Rozhdestvenskaya

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