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Peskov said that Gazprom needs documentation to obtain a turbine


Gazprom would very much like to receive a repaired turbine for Nord Stream, but it needs legal confirmation that it is not under sanctions. This was announced on August 4 by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

“In this case, it is important for Gazprom to obtain legal documents stating that this turbine is not authorized. Just words in this case are absolutely not enough, ”he told reporters.

The Kremlin representative noted that the service and maintenance of these turbines is carried out on a permanent basis by the British subsidiary of Siemens in British jurisdiction.

“Therefore, of course, in this case, against the backdrop of the sanctions that have been imposed on Gazprom and on our country, Gazprom simply has to insure itself, its property. And this turbine is the property of Gazprom,” Peskov said.

The day before, Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch said that the conditions for the delivery of a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline were met, but he pointed out the lack of documents from the Russian side. In turn, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who personally examined the turbine, said that he sees no obstacles to sending it to Russia. Deputy official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Wolfgang Buechner noted on August 3 that no additional documents are required for the transportation of the turbine, since it is not part of the sanctions regime.

In mid-June, Gazprom announced the shutdown of two, and then another, gas pumping units serving the gas pipeline. The decision was made due to the situation with Siemens turbines, which the German company could not return from maintenance from Canada due to restrictive measures.

Because of this, the flow of gas to Germany through Nord Stream has decreased to 40% of the gas pipeline’s capacity. The gas crisis began in Germany. A few weeks later, Germany approached Canada to return the refurbished turbine.

Ottawa went forward and sent them to Germany. After that, the turbine was supposed to be sent from Germany to Russia, but this was not immediately possible. On July 27, the German government announced that the turbine was ready to be handed over to the Russian side.

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