Peskov responded to Deripaska’s words about self-detonation of opposition

The Russian opposition does not interfere with the development of the country as long as it acts in the legal field, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, the head of the company “Rusal” Oleg Deripaska said that the opposition’s attempt to consolidate ended in its “self-detonation”, and now Russia is waiting for a decade of stability.

“It’s not the opposition that gets in the way. Probably, development is always hindered by that part of the opposition that does not need a law, which provokes a situation and goes beyond the law. Yes, it hinders development, ”said Mr. Peskov at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (quoted by RIA Novosti). Answering the question whether a moratorium on changing political laws towards tightening is possible in Russia, the Kremlin spokesman pointed to the need for constant changes in Russia.

Earlier, Mr. Deripaska at the SPIEF session “NEP 2.0. How to ensure economic growth in every home? ” said that Russia has ten years of stability ahead, and after “self-detonation of the opposition, you can get down to business.” In his opinion, only entrepreneurs should become the engine of change, since without them it is impossible to solve the problem of poverty of the population.

“We got into this niche when in the next three years the budget will have a lot of revenues – a total serious surplus. The external situation will improve not because we did something, but because of the circumstances, ”said the entrepreneur. In his opinion, in the country under these conditions, a new social contract should take place.