Peskov rejected the possibility of nationalization of Norilsk Nickel

There is no topic about the possibility of nationalization of Norilsk Nickel after the situation with a fuel spill in Norilsk, the Kremlin has not heard of this, said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian leader.

“Honestly, we are completely unaware of this. Therefore, here we believe that no topic for comment exists at all in this regard. We haven’t seen or heard of anyone talking about this, ”said Peskov, responding to a request for comment on the words of the former co-owner of Norilsk Nickel Mikhail Prokhorov and the possibility of nationalizing the company.

At the same time, Peskov said that one of the main co-owners and the head of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin will take part in a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on ecology on Friday.

According to him, Putin will also talk to ecologists and animal welfare advocates on Friday, and will discuss the course of emergency response in Norilsk. The meeting will be held in a teleconference format.

“Issues will be discussed on creating favorable living conditions for the population, reducing the negative impact of economic and other activities on the environment, creating a responsible attitude towards animals in society, and fostering eco-culture,” he said.

Peskov also said that the meeting will consider “the issue of the situation on the liquidation of the spill of diesel fuel in the Krasnoyarsk Territory,” RIA Novosti reports.

Peskov also urged not to run ahead and wait for the results of the trial of law enforcement authorities on a diesel fuel spill in Norilsk.

“You know that on the subject of timely and untimely notification and the work of emergency response services in this particular situation, the president gave an order to law enforcement agencies. You know that now they are dealing with this situation. Therefore, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and wait for the first results of the law enforcement proceedings, ”Peskov said.

He specified that President Vladimir Putin did receive emergency information later than May 29.

“Yes, the president was reported later. Actually, that’s why the president’s remark is that it’s worthless to learn about emergency situations in the region from social media messages, ”Peskov explained.

Recall, President Vladimir Putin announced a federal emergency in Norilsk due to a large-scale oil spill. The area of ​​pollution amounted to 180 thousand square meters. meters. A criminal case has been opened. The head of the CHPP-3 workshop was arrested.

The head of the Ministry of Emergencies, Yevgeny Zinichev, said that a solution was found to eliminate the leak, but did not specify the details.

It should be noted that one of the proposed amendments to the Constitution proposes to fix in the Basic Law a provision on the conservation of Russia’s natural resources. Thus, the list of government powers includes the implementation of measures “aimed at reducing the negative impact of economic and other activities on the environment, preserving the country’s unique natural and biological diversity.”

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