Home Business Peskov called the cancellation of flights around Belarus “technical”

Peskov called the cancellation of flights around Belarus “technical”


Moscow’s cancellation of flights of European carriers, who decided to avoid the airspace of Belarus after the incident on May 23 with the Ryanair aircraft, are technical issues, said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President. The Kremlin spokesman is convinced that the Federal Air Transport Agency will soon comment on the situation.

“I am convinced that the aviation authorities will provide the necessary clarification, but these are technical issues. The fact is that everything is very simple: when the system is approved and agreed upon … then there are certain points of departure and arrival in the airspace of each country … After all, the planes of other airlines that fly over the territory of Belarus, they ask to fly in at different points that absolutely not consistent. And that’s why technical problems arise, “- said Mr. Peskov when asked by Kommersant FM about interruptions in flights from Europe to Moscow.

When asked if the situation could affect relations between Russia and the European Union, Dmitry Peskov replied: “There is no reason for the next problems here. We have enough of our own problems. ” He added that in this case, it was not Moscow that created the technical problems, so “it is hardly necessary here, you know, to hack off the shoulder like this and talk about the next problems with Russia.”

“The fact is that, understand, the Russian Federation … neither the Russian aviation authorities, nor the Russian services, departments – they have nothing to do with what happened in Belarus with the Ryanair flight. They have nothing to do, but nevertheless this situation has arisen, there are certain disagreements, there is an intention of ICAO to sort it out thoroughly, which, perhaps, can be welcomed, with this situation, “added the press secretary of Vladimir Putin.

Today, May 28, the French airline Air France for the third time in a row canceled a flight from Paris to Moscow to fly over Belarus, follows from the data of the Flightradar24 service. On the eve, two similar flights of the French carrier, as well as an Austrian Airlines flight, were canceled. At the same time, Moscow did not officially comment on its position on this issue.

Later today, the Russian authorities issued permission for the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines to operate a passenger flight from Vienna to Moscow en route to overflight the airspace of Belarus. Prior to this, a Kommersant source noted that the Federal Air Transport Agency on May 28 will give unofficial permission to European carriers to change routes.

Details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Nowhere to fly, ahead of Moscow.”

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