Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU announced Nord Stream 2 AG’s readiness to face problems

Russia and Nord Stream 2 AG, which manages the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, are prepared for possible problems related to the operation of the project, said Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU.

“I think that both we and the operator company, an international company registered, by the way, in Switzerland, are ready for this,” said Mr. ; quoted by TASS).

In May, the United States refused to apply sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG and its management. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it would be in US national interests to suspend restrictions on the operator. At the same time, sanctions were imposed on 13 Russian vessels and four companies involved in the construction of the pipeline.

On June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the laying of the first string of Nord Stream 2. It can start shipping in about ten days. The second line will be completed within one and a half to two months.

About the project – in the material of “Kommersant” “Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the first string of Nord Stream-2”.

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