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Pelosi to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, no Taiwan visit announced

During her Asian tour, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi intends to visit Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. On Sunday, July 31, the politician wrote on her Twitter page. However, Taiwan is not included in the list.

The speaker’s statement says that the goal of the American delegation is to discuss economic and security issues with partners in the Indo-Pacific region. Themes also include the climate crisis, human rights and democratic governance.

In addition to Pelosi, the US delegation included members of Congress Mark Takano, Gregory Meeks, Raja Krishnamurthy, Susan Delbin and Andy Kim.

It was reported yesterday that a US Air Force Boeing C-40C with Pelosi on board took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and headed for the Pacific Ocean and landed in Hawaii.

On the same day, Andrei Karneev, deputy director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, in a commentary to Izvestia, said that if Pelosi visited Taiwan, relations between the United States and China would worsen significantly. He did not rule out that China could launch missiles in response.

Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan was reported by the Financial Times on July 19. The material noted that the politician intends to visit the island to show support for Taiwan, which is under the growing influence of Beijing.

However, as deputy director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council, Georgetown University professor Matthew Kroenig noted, the announcement of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan put the United States in an uncomfortable position. In his opinion, regardless of the further development of events, adverse consequences await America. So, if the visit takes place, it can provoke an escalation of the conflict in the Taiwan Strait, but if it is canceled, then such a gesture will be perceived as a diplomatic defeat for Washington, the analyst believes.

If Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan does take place, it will be the first visit by a speaker of the US House of Representatives to the island in 25 years.

Official relations between the Chinese government and its island province broke down in 1949, when the Kuomintang forces led by Chiang Kai-shek, who lost in a civil war with the Communist Party of China, moved to Taiwan. Contact between the island and mainland China resumed in the late 1980s. The US openly supports the Taiwan authorities.

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