Pediatrician spoke about safety rules in hot weather

Hot weather is a serious test for a child’s body, Elena Denisova, a pediatrician at the Public Health Center of the Ulyanovsk Region, said on Sunday, August 7.

The specialist spoke about the safety rules in the heat. So, according to her, it is necessary to keep the house cool. Room temperature should not be below 26 degrees during the day and 24 at night. This is important if there are babies or people over 60 in the house. Also, housing should be ventilated in the morning, evening and night. To cool the air – you can hang wet towels. It will also help increase the humidity in the air. When turning on the air conditioner, do not give preference to too cold mode. The optimum temperature is 22-24 degrees.

In the heat of the house, you also need to carry out wet cleaning more often. At night – use light bed linen and sheets, take a cool shower or bath more often.

“You can also do cold compresses or wraps, wipe the body with a damp towel or sponge, take cool foot baths, etc. You can take a spray gun with you for a walk, ”said the doctor, whose words are quoted by

Denisova advised dressing children in natural fabrics. At the same time, clothes should be light and spacious, and shoes should be open and comfortable.

“It is also better to temporarily abandon disposable diapers. If this is not possible, frequent diaper changes are necessary,” she said.

Also, the children’s body in the heat needs more liquid and less food.

“Babies need to be breastfed as often as possible (up to 15 times a day) – because of the heat, babies eat little by little. Older children and adults are advised to eat often and in small portions. Food should be light (fish, cold soups, vegetables and fruits). Flour and confectionery products used for tea drinking should be replaced with dried fruits and berries. Coffee lovers can switch to refreshing fruit drinks and compotes,” the doctor said.

On August 2, nutritionist Natalia Oboeva told how many meals are allowed in the summer. In hot weather, she says, three to four main meals and one or two snacks are acceptable. Between main meals, an interval of 3-4 hours is required. Women should consume about 1600 calories for low activity levels and about 1800 for men. Drinking plenty of water during the heat will also help to avoid dehydration.

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