Paris Mayor’s Office to Reduce Eiffel Tower Lighting Time to Save Money

The Paris City Hall decided to save on the illumination of the Eiffel Tower.

Residents and guests of the French capital will be able to enjoy the lights of one of the main attractions of the metropolis not until one in the morning, but until 23:45 (at this time the last visitors leave the tower).

The idea to reduce electricity consumption belongs to Mayor Anne Hidalgo, writes Le Journal du Dimanche.

The head of the Society for the Exploitation of the Eiffel Tower, Jean-Francois Martin, in turn, noted that the illumination of the tower at night accounts for only four percent of annual energy consumption. “We are going to significantly reduce the lighting time of the tower without affecting its operation, without interfering with visitors and customers of restaurants,” he added.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the start of work on a plan for responsible energy consumption. First of all, “useless lighting” of objects in cities should be reduced

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