Pamfilova pointed to the attempts of the West to disrupt the autumn elections in Russia

The West is trying to disrupt and discredit the autumn elections in Russia. This opinion was expressed on August 4 by the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova.

“Despite the fact that our opponents abroad are not very visible now, they are hiding, but very serious work is going on there in order to both disrupt and discredit a large federal campaign. I think that this campaign will also get it, ”Pamfilova said during a speech at the Territory of Meanings forum.

The CEC chairman pointed out that Western countries allocated a lot of money in order to control “every mote and keep the elections under the hood as a lever of influence.” Having the goal of bringing their politicians to the State Duma, who will be led from there and influenced them like puppeteers.

Pamfilova stressed that Russia has experience of being “under such pressure and endless criticism.”

“Abroad, it was constantly imposed and replicated that our elections are supposedly always undemocratic, not free,” added the chairman of the CEC.

In Russia, on September 11, 2022, a single voting day will take place. Direct voting will elect 14 governors, deputies of six legislative assemblies and the City Duma of 12 administrative centers.

On June 23, political scientist Alexander Asafov told Izvestia about what the election campaign will be like, sharing his expectations and forecasts. As Asafov explained, interest in the elections will be higher, since it depends on how a particular region will develop further – in which direction this development will go, how they will improve the standard of living of the population in such difficult times, given the pressure of sanctions and other circumstances.

On June 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at an operational meeting with members of the Security Council, proposed discussing preparations for a single voting day in September. Earlier, on June 8, the CEC ruled that seven regions of Russia would use the online voting system in the elections in September.

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