Bailiffs came to the Moscow office of Google

Bailiffs came to the Moscow office of Google, located in the Balchug Plaza business center, Mash reported and confirmed by the source familiar with the situation. Google declined to comment. Currently, the total amount of Google fines in Russia exceeds 32 million rubles. The company received them, among other things, for not removing content prohibited … Read more

The plane made an emergency landing in Khabarovsk

A passenger plane flying from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur to Vladivostok made an emergency landing in Khabarovsk. This was announced on September 13 by the REN TV channel. According to preliminary information, the cause of the incident was a sensor triggered after a drop in the oil level in the engine. The landing of the aircraft went well. … Read more

A rich guest is dear everywhere // The Ministry of Economy reported on the “manual mode” of entry for more than 200 foreign investors

Deputy Minister of Economy Dmitry Volvach announced the organization of entry into the Russian Federation from May 2021 for more than 200 foreign investors – for this, the ministry has developed a procedure for coordinating applications from the regions. Foreigners willing to invest in the Russian economy show the greatest interest in Moscow, Moscow, Kaliningrad, … Read more

Central Bank: Russians keep an average of 1.3 million rubles on brokerage accounts

Analysts from the Central Bank have calculated that Russians, on average, keep 1.28 million rubles in their brokerage accounts with a non-zero balance. In the country as a whole, the number of individuals on brokerage services is 5.6 million, the total value of their assets has reached 7.2 trillion rubles. The trust management industry has … Read more

Not evil: the Russian hire was headed by the blockbuster “Shang-Chi”

The first “Asian” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe earned 122 million rubles and took first place in the box office, and the horror movie “Evil” by James Wang came to the second position in the top. The three leaders are closed by the “long-playing” cartoon “The Boss the Baby Sucker – 2”. Shang Chi and … Read more

The Central Bank noted a slowdown in the growth of prices for non-food products

The Central Bank recorded a slowdown in the monthly growth of prices for non-food products, excluding oil products, according to the latest report on the dynamics of consumer prices (.pdf). The Central Bank notes this situation with the growth of annual inflation rates. “Annual inflation has increased to 6.68%, with an increase in the annual … Read more

Dutch court recognizes Uber drivers as company employees

The Amsterdam District Court ruled on Monday that drivers who work with the online taxi service Uber are company employees, not self-employed. This means that they are subject to the same labor law as the employees of other companies, including the requirements for the level of wages, vacations and other social guarantees. A lawsuit in … Read more

For the first time, the Ministry of Defense used the Uran-9 and Nerekhta robots in the West-2021 exercises

During the main stage of the West-2021 joint strategic exercises, the Uran-9 and Nerekhta combat reconnaissance and fire support robots were used for the first time in the orders of combined arms units. On Monday, September 13, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters about it. The department said that “Uran-9” suppressed manpower and armored vehicles … Read more

Export prices for wheat from Russia updated seven-year high

Export prices of Russian wheat last week averaged $ 303 per ton, the Sovekon analytical company reported. Experts note that prices have reached such a level for the first time in seven years. “Last week, export prices for wheat with a protein content of 12.5% ​​continued to rise. Average quotations in deep-water ports have strengthened … Read more