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Over 40 people died of Japanese encephalitis in India

In India’s northeastern state of Assam, at least 44 people have died from the Japanese encephalitis virus, ANI reported, citing medical sources in the region on Wednesday, July 27.

According to them, three people died from Japanese encephalitis in Assam per day, in addition, eight new cases of infection were registered. Encephalitis is spread by the reproduction of mosquitoes, which are its carrier. It is noted that the spread of the infection made itself felt after powerful floods in Assam as a result of monsoon rains.

The material says that in order to combat the virus, the authorities of the region have allocated budgetary allocations. The same money will be used to help those affected by the disease.

Between 2015 and 2021, 660 people became victims of encephalitis in Assam.

Japanese encephalitis is an acute viral disease that affects the brain. The disease can become quite severe. Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, and speech disturbance. If you do not see a doctor in time, then a fatal outcome can occur within a week. In order to avoid illness, an appropriate vaccination should be done. The virus was named Japanese in 1924, when 7,000 citizens were infected in Japan, 80% of whom died.

On March 3 this year, it became known that four residents of the Australian state of Victoria were hospitalized with Japanese encephalitis. One person was discharged shortly.

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