Over 200 foreign mercenaries destroyed in three weeks during NMD

“The palm in terms of the speed and number of militants lost over the past period again belongs to the representatives of Poland – 166 Polish militants were liquidated,” Konashenkov said. “Among the representatives of Georgia, 50 soldiers of fortune were killed, the UK lost another 23 mercenaries killed in Ukraine.”

In addition, 21 Romanian and 15 Canadian fighters were eliminated during this period.

According to the Russian military department, mercenaries come to Ukraine from almost all over the world. Most of them are Poles (more than 1800 people), followed by Canada and the USA (600 and 544 people, respectively). Also, about 500 people from Romania and 429 from the UK sided with the Kyiv regime. So far, 347 Poles, 189 Canadians, 235 Americans, 119 Romanians and 107 British have left the zone of the special operation.


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