Ordinals Update Unlocks ‘Cursed’ Bitcoin NFTs


The developers of the bitcoin protocol Ordinals have released release 0.6.0. The update partially indexes over 71,000 “cursed inscriptions” and will allow them to be traded.

Cursed Inscriptions (“cursed inscriptions”) is a catch-all term that combines bitcoin NFTs that are intentionally or unintentionally issued with incorrect opcodes. These digital artifacts are assigned negative serial numbers. They are present on the Bitcoin blockchain, but are not tied to a specific satoshi in their genesis block and cannot be transferred to anyone.

After the implementation of the marketplace release, users will be able to trade the “wrong” Ordinals.

The protocol team deliberately excluded certain types of “cursed inscriptions” from the update, for example, those with unrecognizable even tags like OP_66. She plans to solve this problem in the future.

“This is our solution to a critical problem in the development of the protocol, which allows it to be extended without changing existing label numbers. Cursed Inscriptions are the cornerstone of an architecture that supports growth and expansion without sacrificing stability,” said developer ordinally.

The publisher of The Ordinal Show bulletin noted that, unlike indexed artifacts, the corrected negative numbers of “cursed inscriptions” may continue to change after the update. New artifacts of this type will immediately have “normal” unchanging numbers.

Recall that the total number of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain issued thanks to the Ordinals protocol at the end of May exceeded 10 million. More than 80% of them are associated with BRC-20.

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