Optimism distributed $67 million worth of unclaimed OP tokens


The Optimism second-level Ethereum network (OP Mainnet) team distributed 48 million native OP tokens ($67.2 million at the time of writing) unclaimed during the first airdrop among 88,000 eligible addresses.

According to the Dune Analytics dashboard, the OP airdrop, which began on June 1, 2022, resulted in approximately 166,000 tokens being branded by users. This amounted to just over 77% of the 215,000 OP reserved for the airdrop.

About a quarter of the addresses that were eligible to receive assets did not claim to receive assets. The developers directly sent them the required assets.

Some users have expressed concerns that these are wallets that have lost access or whose owners are dead. Thus, the distribution actually took some of the tokens out of circulation, they believe.

However, the team noted that airdropping the remaining tokens will allow developers to focus β€œon other smart contract work and future airdrops.”

In total, as part of the transition to a new management structure, the project pledged to distribute 19% of the total emission of 4.29 billion OP among users.

At the time of writing, the price of the native Optimism token is $1.4 (CoinGecko). OP is up 10% over the past seven days, but is trading 56.6% below its all-time high of $3.22 recorded in February.

According to L2Beat, the total value of assets blocked in the protocol is $2.47 billion. According to this indicator, Optimism ranks second among L2 networks, more than half behind Arbitrum.

Optimism distributed $67 million worth of unclaimed OP tokens
Data: L2Beat.

Let us remind you that the second Optimism airdrop for 11.7 million OP began in February.

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