Optimism airdropped $26.9 million to 31,870 addresses


The Optimism Second Level Ethereum Network (OP Mainnet) team distributed 19.4 million OP tokens worth $26.9 million among 31,870 addresses that were active within the Optimism Collective DAO.

For security reasons, project representatives warned about the absence of a special page on the site for receiving assets of the third airdrop, indicating the address of the OP contract (0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042).

According to the developers, the coins were distributed automatically among those who delegated “voting power” between January 20 and July 20, 2023.

As with the second distribution, the new airdrop is intended to encourage participation in governance and active use of the network.

Rewards were calculated based on the number of OP tokens multiplied by the number of days of their delegation (the minimum threshold for receiving an distribution is 18,000). For example, if a user has delegated a minimum of 180 OPs for 100 days, they are whitelisted as recipients.

Voting participation during the above period was also taken into account.

You can check the wallet and the number of distributed tokens using the link.

Previously, the Optimism team distributed 48 million native tokens unclaimed during the first airdrop to 88,000 addresses.

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