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Oppositionists file a lawsuit against Roskomnadzor on the illegality of slowing down Twitter

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The head of the Moscow municipal district Krasnoselsky Ilya Yashin, oppositionist Yevgeny Domozhirov, photographer Yevgeny Feldman and the capital’s municipal deputy Vadim Korovin filed a class action lawsuit against Roskomnadzor in connection with the slowdown of Twitter. The plaintiffs claim that they themselves did not violate the laws, and believe that the measures taken by Roskomnadzor violate their rights.

The plaintiffs ask the court to oblige Roskomnazdor “to cease the use of centralized response measures in the form of slowing down the speed and other restrictions on the work of Twitter”, and also to oblige the department “to exclude the service from the list of threats to the stability, security and integrity of the functioning of the Internet and public communication networks in the Russian Federation. “. Stanislav Seleznev, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, told Interfax that the claim was filed with the Tagansky Court of Moscow.

The plaintiffs state that they “never published illegal content, did not call for violence, did not condone violence or discrimination.” The lawsuit notes that the applicants were not in any way associated with the account holders responsible for posting the allegedly prohibited information on Twitter. According to the lawyer, “the rights of each of the plaintiffs are largely affected by the applicable restrictions, since the publication of media files constitutes a significant part of their communication with the audience.”

“Interference in the normal functioning of the Twitter service by Roskomnadzor in the form of slowing down access to the entire service for all users throughout the Russian Federation constitutes an interference with the right of administrative plaintiffs to freely express their opinion,” the statement of claim says.

On March 10, Roskomnadzor began slowing down access to Twitter on 100% of mobile devices and 50% of desktop devices. Roskomnadzor threatened Twitter that the social network will be blocked for a month if it does not delete posts with prohibited information. At the end of May, Roskomnadzor announced its decision not to block Twitter, since the moderators of the social network removed more than 91% of the prohibited information. The department has promised to partially remove the speed limit for Twitter.

Twitter has been fined almost 28 million rubles in Russia for not deleting illegal content based on court decisions.

Read more in the publication “Kommersant” “Slow down and conquer”.

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