OpenAI will leave the EU in case of strict regulation

war and chatgpt
war and chatgpt

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said the company will exit the European market if it cannot comply with the upcoming AI Act. Reuters writes about it.

Before considering exiting, the startup will try to comply with the new rules.

“The current draft of the EU AI Law is overly restrictive, but we have heard that the document will be withdrawn. They are still talking about it,” Altman said.

In his opinion, the regulation needs additional amendments:

“They could do a lot, like change the definition of general purpose artificial intelligence systems. There are a lot of things to reconsider,” Altman said.

At the same time, the head of the company announced plans to open an office in Europe. Poland is among the locations under consideration.

Earlier, two key committees of the European Parliament agreed on amendments to the AI ​​bill. The document regulates, among other things, generative artificial intelligence technologies developed by OpenAI.

In June, the project will be put to a vote in the European Parliament.

Recall that at the end of March, the Italian regulator blocked ChatGPT in the country. The company was accused of “illegal collection of personal data.”

In May, OpenAI announced that it had met the requirements of the supervisory authority, which allowed the resumption of ChatGPT in Italy.

That same month, Altman appeared before the US Congress and called for regulation of artificial intelligence technologies.

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