OpenAI sued for identity theft

What is ChatGPT and how to use it
What is ChatGPT and how to use it

An anonymous group of US citizens has filed a class action lawsuit against ChatGPT chatbot developer OpenAI for illegally using private user information to train artificial intelligence (AI).

The plaintiffs allege that the firm violated privacy laws by “secretly extracting data from the Internet.” In their opinion, such a situation bears the risks of a “civilizational collapse”.

They estimated the damage from the company’s actions at $ 3 billion. At the same time, the number of affected “in the hundreds of millions” of users, including children.

“Despite approved protocols for the purchase and use of personal information, the defendants chose a different approach – theft,” the statement said.

The developers were also accused of violating terms of service agreements, state and federal privacy and property regulations. The lawsuit includes claims of invasion of privacy, theft, illicit enrichment and defying the Electronic Communications Act.

OpenAI extracted data using applications integrated into ChatGPT, including image and location information from Snapchat, music preferences on Spotify, financial statements from Stripe, and private conversations on Slack and Microsoft Teams, the plaintiffs said.

According to them, the company took these actions in order to win the “AI arms race.”

Microsoft, which plans to invest “billions of dollars” in OpenAI, was also named as a defendant.

Recall that in early June, radio host Mark Walters sued the developer of ChatGPT after the chatbot mistakenly mentioned him as a defendant in a criminal case.

Earlier, the head of the company, Sam Altman, addressed the US Congress and called on the government to regulate the use and development of artificial intelligence.

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