On the last day of January, the Gardener’s Day was established in the Samara region

A new holiday date – Gardener’s Day received the support of the deputies of the Samara provincial Duma. At the first meeting of the spring session, on the last day of January, they adopted the relevant bill.

The holiday itself will be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of August. It was at this time in the region of the Middle Volga, as noted by Nikolai Somov, chairman of the Duma Committee on Agriculture and Food, that field work ends and the harvest of a new crop begins. Gardeners make a significant contribution to the economy and development of agriculture in the region, and giving official status to the holiday emphasizes the importance of this activity.

It is noteworthy that the initiative to introduce a new “red” date at a meeting in Samara Governor Dmitry Azarov was made by the representatives of more than a thousand gardening associations of the region. And they, in turn, represent the interests of more than 1.5 million “urban farmers.” So the new holiday, as it usually happens on the Volga, will be massive and bright. By the way, with the introduction of Western sanctions and the fashion for organic vegetables and fruits, the popularity of dacha work and recreation in the Samara region has grown significantly.

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