On Sakhalin, a scandal erupted due to the “siege bread” thrown into the trash


The inhabitants of Sakhalin were outraged by a piece of “siege bread” thrown into the trash. It was discovered by local students.

A rally was held in Poronaysk, where bread was distributed on the occasion of the anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. Especially for this event, it was made free of charge by a local entrepreneur using the technologies of that time.

One of the pieces that were handed out to local residents was found in a dumpster. This angered the volunteers participating in the action. The photograph of the find was published by the Telegram channel “Star of Poronaysk”.

“Pigs can do this,” one commenter wrote.

Some users wrote that during the blockade, bread in Leningrad was baked from not the highest quality products for obvious reasons. However, there were those who recalled that “siege bread” is a symbol of memory, which should not be treated in this way.


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