NYT: US authorities are inclined to transfer weapons to Kyiv for strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation

The publication recalls that since the beginning of the Russian special operation, the American authorities have taken a tough stance, refusing to provide Kyiv with weapons for strikes on Russian territory. However, now this position “is beginning to soften,” TASS writes.

According to NYT sources, as a result of discussions with Ukrainian officials, the White House “begins to lean towards the fact that Kyiv may need” additional weapons. At the same time, the US administration acknowledges that this step threatens to further escalate the conflict.

It should be noted that Kyiv systematically makes statements regarding the Crimean peninsula, which it would like to return, but the United States did not support this desire of the Ukrainian authorities, refusing to supply them with weapons that could strike the territory of the peninsula.

Moreover, it became known that the United States secretly modified the American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers transferred to Kyiv in such a way that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could not use them to launch long-range missiles on the territory of the Russian Federation. Washington proceeds from the fact that such a step will help reduce the risk of conflict with Moscow.

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