NYT: OPEC+ will take a waiting stance on the issue of oil embargo against Russia

wikipedia.org |  Bwag.  /CC BY-SA 4.0
wikipedia.org | Bwag. /CC BY-SA 4.0

Representatives of OPEC + will take a wait-and-see position on the issue of Russian oil against the background of the West’s oil embargo, reports The New York Times, citing experts.

“It looks like OPEC+ would rather be in the background than in the spotlight,” said Richard Bronz, head of geopolitics at research firm Energy Aspects.

According to analysts, representatives of the organization have not encountered such situations for a long time. Complicating the ongoing slowdown in the global economy and the reduction in demand for oil by the Chinese authorities.

Experts suggest that it will not be easy for Saudi Arabia, which does not want to oppose Russia.


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