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Nutritionist named the best product for breakfast

For breakfast, it is best to eat protein foods, and the opinion that porridge is suitable for a morning meal is a myth. On July 27, “Gazeta.Ru” was told by nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov.

“At night we didn’t expend carbohydrates and didn’t exercise, so we don’t need carbohydrates. We don’t have a carbohydrate drop in blood sugar. Moreover, somatotropic hormone was released at night, which contributed to the burning of fat at night. Therefore, we do not need carbohydrates, we ate and lived at night due to adipose tissue, ”said Kovalkov.

According to him, during breakfast, it is necessary to replenish proteins, the decay of which occurs at night. In this case, the protein must be saturated with amino acids. The most suitable product for this is eggs.

“The gold standard for protein is egg white. If we already have breakfast in the morning, then we eat scrambled eggs from three or four eggs. You can add a piece of bacon, cucumber, greens or tomato to this dish, ”the doctor summed up.

On July 23, the head of the dietetics department at the Revital Park clinic, Marina Kopytko, said that eating such a French dish as a croissant with coffee for breakfast can adversely affect the figure, since such an unbalanced diet leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. It is best to choose a bakery product based on coarser flour for breakfast.

On July 17, endocrinologist, nutritionist Anton Polyakov spoke about the berry that helps in losing weight. According to him, raspberries can help in weight loss due to their diuretic effect.

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