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Nutritionist gives advice on nutrition in hot weather

In hot weather, you need to adjust your diet, making it lighter. On August 6, a nutritionist, member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Elena Tikhomirova told URA.RU about this.

According to her, easily digestible products that do not contain animal protein are suitable for breakfast.

“In the heat, the activity of enzyme systems that break down proteins is weakened, so you need something light and cold for breakfast, scrambled eggs will not go in. Ideally, this could be a fruit salad filled with natural yogurt. Girls can have 400 grams of watermelon for breakfast if they don’t want anything. Men have a great combination of cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit, ”said Tikhomirova.

Lunch and dinner can be more dense to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but because of the heat, you should not abuse the salt.

“At lunch, there may be some protein, because you are already hungry. Ideal would be fish, seafood, chicken, beef, lean meats in combination with vegetables or cereals, but not much. For dinner, as a rule, you want to eat, and you need protein. Cottage cheese or scrambled eggs with vegetables. Also chicken or beef combined with vegetables. The most important thing is not to salt, ”the expert noted.

She also advised the use of spicy seasonings, as they increase capillary blood supply, helping the body to carry out thermoregulation.

On August 4, a gastroenterologist, nutritionist Nuria Dianova named the most useful foods for a snack at work. She advised to pay attention to nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as low-fat cottage cheese and cheese.

On August 2, nutritionist Natalia Oboeva told how many meals are allowed in the summer. In hot weather, she says, three to four main meals and one or two snacks are acceptable. Between main meals, an interval of 3-4 hours is required. Women should consume about 1600 calories for low activity levels and about 1800 for men. Drinking plenty of water during the heat will also help to avoid dehydration.

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