Now India will join hands with the enemies of China! Trade talks will begin with this dragon’s plight

India is not leaving any chance to overthrow China amid heightened tensions following the India-China Border Tension. In this episode, now India is going to start talks with enemy countries of China. Actually, both India and Taiwan are disturbed by China’s antics. With this, the two democracies are growing close and they are about to start a formal negotiation on trade deal.

Taiwan has wanted to negotiate a trade deal for many years, but India has been hesitant. Actually, India did not want to buy China’s displeasure until before the Ladakh border dispute. Now for a few months, the faction in the government favoring trade deal with Taiwan has been dominating.

Some Taiwanese companies were approved to make smartphones
An official said that the trade deal with Taiwan will help India to attract more investment in technology and electronics. The official said, “It is not clear yet when the final decision will be taken to start the conversation.” In the same month, the Government of India approved the proposals of several companies to make Smartphones. These include Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, Wistron Group and Pegatron Corp. Ministry of Commerce spokesperson did not immediately comment about this. Taiwan’s top trade negotiator John Deng also did not reply to the email.

India-Taiwan signed bilateral investment agreement in 2018

If direct trade talks with India begin, it will be a big win for Taiwan. Due to pressure from China, it has had to struggle to start a trade deal with any major country. Like most countries, India has not given formal recognition to Taiwan. There are unofficial diplomatic missions between the two countries as representative offices. The two countries signed an updated Bilateral Investment Agreement in 2018 to strengthen their economic relations. In 2019, trade between the two countries increased by 18 percent to reach $ 7.2 billion.

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