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Novak: oil refining in Russia may be reduced by 30%


The reconfiguration of the operation of oil refineries (ORs) may lead to a decrease in oil refining volumes to 200 million tons in 2022, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak believes. Previously, the average refining volume was 280 million tons. “This is due to the reconfiguration of the refinery in terms of optimal loading, production of gasoline and diesel fuel, and a decrease in the amount of tailings. Optimally, we processed 280 million tons. There are estimates of both maintaining (in the future – Kommersant) such a volume, and reducing it to 200–240 million tons, ”Mr. Novak specified during the SPIEF (quote from Interfax). Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister explained that, despite on a fixed decrease in the volume of oil refining and supplies, Russia manages to compensate for the losses due to high energy prices. According to his forecast, oil prices may exceed $150 per barrel by the end of 2022. Read about what is happening at SPIEF 2022 here. More news on the Kommersant Telegram channel. Andrey Sapozhnikov.


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