Novak announced an increase in exchange sales of diesel fuel and gasoline

Exchange sales of diesel fuel and gasoline will be increased by 1%, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said. According to him, the current rise in oil prices above 2019 and the weak ruble exchange rate seriously affect the fact that prices for oil products are higher in the export market than in the domestic market.

“The damper is working. We held a meeting on the situation in the wholesale market of petroleum products. An additional decision was made to increase the sales standards on the diesel and gasoline exchange by 1%, ”said Mr. Novak (quoted by Interfax). According to him, within one or two weeks the Russian Ministry of Energy will prepare proposals to stabilize the situation on the fuel market. In particular, it is planned to consider the feasibility of concluding fuel agreements with oil companies.

The adjusted damper mechanism in the oil industry began to work on May 1. The issue of damper adjustment arose after the increase in fuel prices at the beginning of the year. In March, the government decided to lower the indicative price, thereby increasing the amount of payments to oil companies.

How the rise in prices for diesel fuel can affect the cost of goods – in the material of “Kommersant” “Diesel fuel made the European choice.”

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