NotLarvaLabs founder received $1.1 million in return for “nothing”

How to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency and why it is profitable_
How to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency and why it is profitable_

Users transferred more than $1.1 million in Ethereum and other crypto assets to the NotLarvaLabs founder’s wallet under the pseudonym Pauly in exchange for “nothing”.

“Nothing is for sale here. I can’t help repeating this one more time. People just prefer to send tokens to yougetnothing.eth,” he said.

A strange initiative appeared on May 30th. Since then, enthusiasts have not stopped sending assets to yougetnothing.eth. At the same time, Pauly personally stated that users will not receive anything in return.

According to Arkham Intelligence, over 1,000 transfers have been sent to the wallet. The largest transaction was made by user Maverick_time — 10.05 ETH (~$19,150).

A day later, Pauly clarified once again that he was not going to sell anything or create another coin. According to him, “people just decide” to send funds to his address.

“I’m not sure if you realized it or not. The entire crypto industry is an absolute joke. Is a mockery. If you learn anything by following this account, it’s that you should never take any of these assholes seriously,” he said.

It was probably a kind of performance, making fun of meme-tokens and people who beg for money to create them.

Recently, a Twitter user named ben.eth, in collaboration with crypto blogger Ben Armstrong from the BitBoy Crypto channel, initiated a fundraiser to create three coins.

The founders of the “project” claim that the assets will be useful in the space of meme-cryptocurrencies. They promised “investors” a kind of dividends as soon as the required amount was collected.

According to on-chain researcher ZachXBT, 112 people sent them a total of 21.3 ETH (~$39,500) from centralized exchanges, so they will not receive any coins in return due to technical reasons. He also noted that ben.eth retweeted phishing posts.

Recall that in May, users began sending numerous meme tokens to the wallet of Tron founder Justin Sun. This happened after he announced his intention to “actively trade” such coins.

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