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Nothing superfluous: what has become a simplified Lada Niva

AvtoVAZ dealers have started selling the Lada Niva Legend Classic’22, the most affordable SUV on the Russian market. The car received an engine with lower environmental performance, lost airbags and ABS. What was the simplified “Niva” and what are its prospects, understood “Izvestia”.

What’s the price

Production of the Niva was resumed at the car plant in Togliatti on July 13. Now AvtoVAZ announced the start of sales of the Niva Legend Classic’22 version and announced the prices for this car: they ask for 796.5 thousand rubles for the car (excluding the cost of a set of accessories: interior and trunk carpets, a set of door deflectors). At the moment, this is the most affordable new SUV on the Russian market. Compared to the basic version of the Niva, which was produced before the assembly line stopped this spring, the car has become cheaper by almost 22.5 thousand rubles. Taking into account the recently renewed program of preferential car loans, the purchase of Niva Legend Classic will cost 647.6 thousand rubles.

According to Dmitry Kostromin, AvtoVAZ Vice President for Sales and Marketing, thanks to the state program of preferential lending, “the price offer for the Lada Niva Legend is unique in terms of availability on the all-wheel drive car market.”

“We are making every effort to resume sales of the second model in the Niva family, the Travel SUV,” he stressed.

According to the old recipe

Lada Niva Legend Classic’22 became AvtoVAZ’s second “anti-crisis” model after Lada Granta, released in accordance with the “simplified” requirements for cars adopted by the government. “Niva”, like “Grant”, after the resumption of production, lost ABS, the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system, airbags, and the BAS emergency braking assistance system.

The equipment of the car includes power steering, power windows, daytime running lights, on-board computer, 16-inch wheels on stamped disks and steel engine protection. In addition, audio preparation was made on the car: wiring was laid for installing a radio and speakers.

Permanent four-wheel drive with locking center differential and reduction gear on the Niva Legend Classic’22 is still available.

ABS: opinions divided

The experts interviewed by Izvestia call the forced abandonment of the equipment of the machine the ABS system as the most significant loss in the equipment of the Niva. However, their opinions about how critical such a measure is, were divided. Partner of the analytical agency “AUTOSTAT” Igor Morzharetto does not see anything wrong with this. In his opinion, for the majority of Lada Niva Legend consumers, the absence of ABS is not fundamental.

– The car was created at a time when there was not even the concept of ABS, and the return to the previous standards cost a little blood. Niva has been in production for 45 years, and this system appeared as basic equipment only seven years ago, he told Izvestia.

He emphasized that the loss of ABS did not affect the off-road capabilities of the car: the Niva’s capabilities on rough terrain remained untouched.

A different point of view is shared by the editor-in-chief of the automobile magazine “Behind the wheel” Maxim Kadakov. He noted that the owners of Niva Legend will drive not only off-road, but also on ordinary roads. Here, the anti-lock braking system on the car is necessary, he believes.

– The wheelbase of the “Niva” is short, the car is fidgety. In my opinion, ABS is needed on public roads, Kadakov is sure.

Oleg Shatov, head of the Kazan Higher Driving School, agrees with him. The main task of the ABS system is to provide controllability of the car on slippery surfaces and prevent the wheels from skidding during heavy braking. During the time that cars with modern electronic systems were sold on our market, many drivers have forgotten how to drive without them, he noted.

– Those who are younger, most often do not know at all how to properly brake on a car without ABS, and what intermittent braking is. Older motorists, in theory, know about such principles, but, as a rule, they have already lost these specific skills in driving a car, ”an instructor in counter-emergency training of drivers told Izvestia.

Without GLONASS and pillow

Experts consider the forced refusal to equip the Niva Legend Classic’22 with the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system and an airbag to be less painful. According to Maxim Kadakov, they are interconnected.

This strange pillow appeared two years ago. Certification rules required at least one pillow, any. As a result, a lateral one appeared – the cheapest and simplest. It was much easier to integrate it than to “sew” the front one into the steering wheel. Of course, it did not directly affect safety, except for a side impact. With its absence, we will not lose anything: the presence of an airbag in itself does not mean anything at all, ”he emphasized in an interview with Izvestia.

As for the ERA-GLONASS system, it is activated when the airbag deployment sensor is triggered, he noted. When the appropriate blocks appear, this system will be able to work without using data from this sensor, Kadakov emphasized.

ERA-GLONASS is an important and necessary system, Igor Morzharetto is convinced, but so far it has been operating smoothly only in the European part of Russia.

– Today it works well in the European part of the country. However, in the east, as far as I know, there are certain problems with it,” he told Izvestia.

Simple formalities

As in the case of the simplified Lada Granta, when registering the Niva Legend Classic’22, dealers give buyers two documents to sign. In the first, the client agrees to visit the dealership to install the ERA-GLONASS system when the necessary glare in the right quantity becomes available. Secondly, he warns that “the right to own, use, dispose of a car is possible only on the territory of the Russian Federation. On the territory of other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, such a right “may be permitted exclusively by the legislation of such states.” This is provided for by decision (6) of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

However, these documents are a mere formality, Igor Morgeratto believes. If the client does not come to the free installation of ERA-GLONASS, then he is not threatened with any sanctions: the dealer is not entitled to withdraw the car from the guarantee for this reason, he stressed. There will also be no problems to travel to other countries on a simplified Grant or Niva, he is sure.

– All international treaties that Russia has entered into do not provide for restrictions on the entry of cars according to the environmental class and in the absence of any security systems. The only thing that is forbidden is to sell such a car abroad. And you are welcome to drive: at least on the carbureted Zhiguli, at least on the “simplified” Lada, – said Igor Morzharetto.


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