Nord Stream will be exempt from EU Gas Directive for 20 years

The Nord Stream gas pipeline will be exempted from the norms of the EU Gas Directive for 20 years. This decision was made by the Federal Network Agency of Germany.

According to the decision, exemption from the provisions of these provisions applies to a section of a gas pipeline in Germany, including the territorial sea, and is valid for 20 years.

Coming into force retrospectively from the date the amendments to the energy law were adopted on December 12, 2019, reports operator company.

Nord Stream AG is satisfied with this regulatory decision. In particular, the company “welcomes the fact that the Federal Grid Agency emphasized the contribution of the gas pipeline to ensuring the reliability of energy supply and confirmed the absence of a negative impact of the gas pipeline on the competitive situation in the domestic gas market.”

Recall that the revised Gas Directive was agreed in record time at the beginning of 2019.

The essence of the amendments made to it is to extend to the pipelines passing in the maritime economic zone of the EU countries the norms of the Third Energy Package of the community, obliging the operator to reserve up to 50% of the trunk’s capacity for pumping fuel from alternative suppliers.

An application for exemption from Nord Stream AG was received in December 2019.

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