Nord Stream gas pipeline put into operation after scheduled maintenance

The Nord Stream pipeline, which carries gas from Russia to Europe, was launched after scheduled maintenance. Operators OPAL and NEL confirmed the resumption of gas intake by Germany at the terminal in Greifswald. “Gazprom” information has not yet commented. He did not specify the extent to which deliveries were resumed. Gazprom suspended gas transportation through Nord Stream on July 11 for 10 days to carry out scheduled repairs. In June, the volumes of energy resources pumped through the gas pipeline were reduced to 40% of its nominal capacity (approximately 67 million cubic meters per day). As representatives of the gas transmission operators Gascade and OPAL reported yesterday, gas supplies after the resumption of Nord Stream are expected to be at a similar level. The main reason for the reduction in supplies from Gazprom was Canada’s refusal to return the gas pipeline turbine after repair. According to Kommersant, the turbine was sent ….

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