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#NOFILTER with Christina Zbigniewska: “I want to go to Donbass and support people with my songs”


The events of recent months leave no one indifferent, popular bloggers are no exception. In the new season of the #BEZFILTER project, the presenter Anton Bekkuzhev meets with Internet stars who were once associated with Ukraine, and now live and work in Russia.

The heroes of the program tell why they fully support our country. In this issue, the singer and blogger shares her story Christina Zbigniewska.

Kristina was born in Belarus, but has been living and working in Moscow for many years, performing and recording songs in a peculiar genre: a mixture of popular music and Russian chanson. The artist’s repertoire includes many patriotic compositions.

“I am a patriot, I adore Russia and love our president,” said the heroine of the program.

The girl performed acapella one of her songs dedicated to Moscow, told Anton Bekkuzhev about creativity and unreleased albums and why he wears a pendant with the letter Z on his chest.

You will also learn how Kristina develops relationships with colleagues from Ukraine after the start of the special operation, about Russophobia and the pressure of ill-wishers, about the choice of Russian stars who fled Russia, about her switching in Thailand.

About this and much more – in the new episode of the project FAN #WITHOUT FILTER



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