Nigeria suspends Twitter

The Nigerian authorities have decided to suspend the work of the social network Twitter in the country indefinitely. The reason for the restrictions was the decision of the social network to remove the post of President of Nigeria Muhammadu Bukhari.

Three days ago, on June 2, the President of Nigeria commented on the recent attacks on police in the southeast of the country. He blames the separatists for the incident. On Twitter, Bukhari wrote: “Many of the misbehaving people today are too young to be aware of the destruction and death during the Nigerian civil war. Those of us who then fought for 30 months will communicate with them in the language they understand. “

Twitter considered this post to violate social media rules and deleted it. This caused the discontent of the Nigerian authorities – Minister of Information Bukhari Lai Mohammed said that, despite the existing Twitter rules, the president had the right to comment on the situation in the country, writes the Nation newspaper.

On June 4, Nigeria announced the decision to suspend the work of the social network. The Minister of Information claims that the government took these measures due to the fact that Twitter is allegedly “constantly used for activities that could undermine the existence of Nigeria.”

A day later, by the morning of June 5, telecommunications companies in Nigeria announced the closure of access to Twitter in the country. “We, the Association of Nigerian Licensed Telecom Operators (ALTON), want to confirm that our members have received formal instructions from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to suspend access to Twitter,” the association said in a statement to Reuters. ALTON noted that all telecommunications companies have complied with the NCC directive, “guided by national interests,” and promised to interact with the authorities.

Twitter in response to what is happening said that it is “deeply concerned” about the actions of the government of Nigeria.

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