NFTpay now supports the Algorand blockchain

NFTpay now supports the Algorand blockchain

NFTpay are pleased to announce that they now support the Algorand (ALGO) blockchain. NFTpay allows blockchains to easily accept credit cards for their NFT projects.

Claiming to be the most powerful and sustainable institutional-grade blockchain in the world, Algorand made a splash in the industry by becoming a platform for well-known crypto projects such as Folks Finance, AlgoFi, LimeWire, Pera Wallet and Prismatic. Now NFTpay makes the process of creating and launching projects on Algorand even easier with its NFT payment solution.

An NFTpay representative says: “We are pleased to announce that creators, entrepreneurs and artists planning to launch their NFT projects on the Algorand platform can now use NFTpay’s simple and convenient payment solutions to reach an even wider audience. Algorand is already trusted by over 2,000 organizations around the world who are working on exciting projects to change a range of industries. With the integration of Algorand, NFTpay is excited to be part of the blockchain vision for an energy efficient and sustainable future.”

Recent NFTpay success stories include Citadel, a blockchain based adventure game where players can use their NFT as a playable character. The project, built on the Ethereum blockchain, sold out in just 27 minutes and raised over $1.5 million. Similarly, the NFTpay integration also helped accelerate the adoption of NFT Oasis, a fully immersive virtual reality experience that has sold over 30 penthouses across the Metaverse.

In addition to being extremely easy to buy and sell NFTs, NFTpay is also fast. The NFTpay infrastructure processes thousands of transactions per second, allowing creators to sell their collections in record time.

NFTpay also adds layers of security to ensure buyers are safe in their purchases. All users are verified and NFTpay has taken care of all the legal hassle. NFT creators can trust the company’s payment solutions and instead focus their efforts on building a strong and prosperous community.

The company’s services have been praised by several NFT creators, who thanked NFTpay for ensuring the successful launch of the project. FKN Rich Shark Club says: “Working with NFTpay was (and still is) an outstanding experience. Since re-launching our website with their NFTpay integration and recommendations, we have achieved a 35% increase in sales.”

Jenny of GlamJam and Crypto Gala recommends NFTpay, saying “Working with NFTpay has been a great benefit to Crypto Gala. Working together, we designed and created NFT tickets, which for the first time the consumer could pay with a credit card, which was amazing and very convenient. The team is also very attentive and helpful and responds to our messages on weekends and nights with no problem. I want to keep working with NFTpay and I love their whole team.”

NFTpay is constantly adding new integrations to its platform and currently supports several of the most popular blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, EOS, Polygon, Solana and Cronos.

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