New Year holidays 2023 – weekends and working days

Winter is coming and a holiday is approaching, beloved by almost all Russians – the New Year. It will be followed by Christmas, one of the most important events in Orthodox culture. Employers across the country will release employees for long holidays. From what date to what date the rest will last in 2023 – read in the Izvestia material.

Will December 31st be a public holiday in 2022?

New Year’s Eve, December 31, falls on a Saturday in 2022, so many working Russians will be able to take a break from duties and prepare for the holiday with their families.

Meanwhile, a bill has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration, proposing to make December 31 a permanent holiday at the official level. Commenting on this issue, Alexander Bashkin, a member of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation, admitted that the law could be adopted as early as this year. In this case, the procedure for transferring holidays that fall on generally accepted days off will come into force, and the New Year holidays will become even longer.

How Russians will relax on Christmas 2023

Rest according to tradition will last from the New Year, January 1, and until Christmas, January 7. In addition, the day off is January 8, which falls on Sunday. Thus, the New Year holidays will last nine days, from December 31 to January 8, and most citizens will go to work on January 9, on Monday.

At the same time, the holidays on January 1 and January 7 fall on Saturdays, which means that it becomes necessary to postpone the holidays. They will be reallocated to other calendar months. So, the rest on January 1 is transferred to Friday, February 24, and the day off on January 7 is “moved” to May 8, Monday.

Thus, in January, with a five-day working week, 17 working days remain.

Earlier, Izvestia told what would change in the production calendar if the day off was introduced on December 31.


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