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New Naval Doctrine: what threatens Russia’s national security

President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed decrees on Sunday approving the Naval Doctrine and the Ship Charter of the Russian Navy.

The ceremony was held at the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress. The broadcast was conducted by the TV channel “Russia 24” and the media platform “Look”.

As stated in the doctrine published on the official portal of legal information, the main threats to Russia’s maritime national security are the US desire for dominance in the oceans and increased NATO activity. The document notes that the Americans seek to influence global processes, including those related to transport communications and the energy resources of the oceans.

In turn, NATO is increasingly conducting exercises in the seas washing the shores of Russia, and the military infrastructure of the Alliance is approaching the borders of the Russian Federation.

The maritime doctrine establishes that the combat capabilities of the Russian Navy will be increased to ensure national security and protect Russia’s interests. In particular, it is planned to strengthen the military infrastructure in Crimea, and the Black Sea Fleet will be strengthened.

Sudden and difficult to predict pandemics of dangerous diseases are now considered risks for Russian maritime activities. As specified in the doctrine, the coronavirus pandemic has led to geopolitical uncertainty and a global economic crisis.

To a large extent, the document emphasizes, the crisis is caused by the desire of the leading states to curtail globalization and participate in the struggle for leadership in the world.


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